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Misix makes running global teams simple. HRIS, payroll, international employment, and contractor management, and more – all in one Global HR Platform.

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Misix offers a safe and secure staffing platform for ambitious global businesses who are looking to quickly scale up their dream team for their innovative projects. We extend placements across 145+ domains including IT, Finance, E-commerce, Engineering, and Marketing, to name a few. Top industry leaders trust us with their recruitment demands for our intuitive, quick, and seamless hiring process.

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Founded by business professionals with 50 years of experience in BPO services, BPO staffing, and telecommunications, Misix understands the needs of your business. Hire the ideal team members to take care of the roles you need filled – from back office tasks to knowledge processes.


There are several things businesses around the world must know about employing globally. International hiring brings about workplace diversification, improved productivity, and performance, quick growth, creativity, and innovation, etc. However, companies also need to know that this process must be carefully carried out without mistakes but with proper adherence to regulations.

Various problems are associated with overseas hiring, among them are inadequate compliance, processing of employment and travel documents, onboarding, differences in policies and regulations, man management, etc.

Offshoring is the practice of hiring companies or employees in other countries. It also refers to the process of outsourcing jobs to talents from other countries. Offshoring is usually carried out by companies in industrialized countries to seek talents with lower costs in developing nations.

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