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We are the largest facility in the region with a purpose built contact center infrastructure equipped with state of the art equipment to meet all your business needs.

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Misix Communication was established with an aim to enable youth by creating a mind-set that highlighted quality and integrity as the only way to success. We believe that “quality precedes quantity.” Owing to this quality-driven service, Misix is now an ISO Certified entity in terms of technology and business infrastructure.

24/7 Hrs Access

Having a 24/7 availability on phones is an essential requirement of every business today. Achieve the round the clock presence in a cost-effective manner through us.

Technical Support

If you are looking for technical support for your valuable customers, then we are the answer for you. We have staff fully capable of offering top notch customer service and with the ability to learn technicalities of any product within a matter of hours.

Lead Generation

Being a pioneer in the lead generation industry, Misix possesses expertise that helps our clients boost volume of qualified customers. We apply proven selling techniques to help generate fresh leads with a guarantee of higher conversion rates in return.


With a culture of quality and performance, Misix is the frontrunner in providing telemarketing services and have partnered with some of the leading names in Home Lending, Insurance, Energy, Home Security Systems and Education services sectors. We ensure that every potential lead turns into a confirmed sale; thus facilitate our client business in terms of quality and quantity.

Market research/ Surveys

Market research through surveys has become a tool for many organizations to invest in product development strategically. This requires the selling aptitude to approach the consumers for surveys and artificial intelligence based algorithms to interpret the findings of consumer data. From the point of survey development, then conducting, all the way to intelligent interpretation, Misix can facilitate you wherever you require assistance.

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work Environment

We pride ourselves on the quality of our business, how we treat our people who eventually take care of our customers. Servicing Inbound customer service, sales, outbound transfers across all Insurance verticals, both performance based and flat hourly servicing models.

We believe in providing the best quality service to our clients and our employees. These core values have been the cornerstone of our success.

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We also provide effective and efficient software and technical support to our clients and customers.

Live Chat Service

Get 24/7 coverage on your chat support

Inbound Services

We understand that in today’s highly competitive and consumer-centric market, customer acquisition/retention is the top priority for any leading enterprise.

Whether you are looking for B2B appointment setting, or lead generation, we can craft solutions that will meet your needs. We realize the value of key metrics like customer satisfaction, first call resolution, cost per hour and the impact they have on the overall success of any business.

Customer Service
Order Taking Service
Want to outsource your business processes or need online support? We can help!

We are the largest facility in the region with purpose built call center infrastructure equipped with state of the art equipment to meet all your business needs.